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How do you generate customer sales online?

Hi Jasminka,

The best way to generate sales is to advertise. You have all the aids to do this on your marketing tab.
You can post banners on social media, send e-cards and e-mails to your friends and family. 
We can generate sales through advertisements in social media like facebook, google and twitter.
The key to generate sale online is to let know your prospects what you are selling.
And for this you are required to advertise your products. 
You generate customer sales online by linking them to your website 
You can connect with Triple Clicks (sell) tab. If you have your personal site, you can go for it. You can go for Ad for your product on Google, Free Classified. 
Marketing is our ‘communication’ with our customers/consumers. Ensure that;
• You are using a good image of products for retail advertising
• Use the direct approach for a direct response advert - call to action, for example ‘call now’ or ‘order here’ may help your potential buyers to decide faster.
• Research for items in demand. If you like to standout from the crowd, pick the best from thousands available on TripleClicks and promote your Product Collections, is one of the way.
• Podcast anyone? - do we know that tv, music and video games are part of this audio sources. You can capture this segment of listeners if you can generate a real interest in them, turn them into those ‘informed’ and ‘excited’, may turn them in to high quality and returning customers in the long run. 
• Webminars - direct contact with your prospective customers. This is also applicable for prospecting. Skype, Google+ Hangouts etc can be used for this purpose. You can have real time Q&A session, allow you to build trust with your potential customers.
• Social media platform/website/blog - very common, so no need for me to elaborate 
• Useful, simple,specific and pleasing Landing Page. 
• Free Gift - offer for sampling. 

SFI Biz Quiz

you can earn SFI Biz quiz 

What are your top tricks for getting the most out of one's Genealogy?

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The Genealogy tool is essentially a powerful database search engine that you can use to generate reports of various sorts, depending on what you desire, and then using those reports to generate weekly targeted mailers for an extra 30VP every week. There are several useful ways to use filters and sort the data: 

1) Filtering on VersaPoints for this month will show you who are your most active affiliates. 

2) Filtering on VP total and for ZERO VP this month will show you who has lost their way and who you need to get back to activity again. 

3) Filtering on LANGUAGE will let you target e-mail people who speak that language, allowing you to use Google Translate or the like to speak directly to them in a way they most understand. 

4) Filtering for PSAs will let you manage your downline better, allowing you to place some affiliates beneath others. This can result in more effective teams. 

5) Sorting based on Tripleclicks Referrals shows you who understands what affiliates are supposed to be doing, and sorting on TripleClicks sales VP will show you how much they're buying or selling in order to succeed. 

The big thing to do is to understand how the fields work to get you information about what your affiliates are doing with their time (and, potentially, their money). You can get a lot out of this tool by practicing different types of searches.


CompTechnic Shop

CompTechnic Shop started 8 months ago as a store of computer equipment, and today with over 2,000 products selected in 15 different collections can satisfy the needs and fulfill the desires of each customer. We are proud to declare that we now have regular customers in every corner of our planet and it is the highest recognition, the greatest pleasure for us.

Every product purchased from us will be sent by registered mail, which means it will have a GPS signal and, as soon as your package is shipped out, you will get your tracking number and you will be able to track where your shipment is on the web site. No need to worry is your shipment sent out or where it is at the moment - with a few mouse clicks all of these information is possible to find out. Of course, this service is free, it is included in the price that you have already paid for. By purchasing from us You have given us Your trust and this is the way that we respect You and Your trust. 

Remember, shopping is a magical thing - we will be happy only when we make you happy.

So let's be happy! :)

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What others are saying about SFI

What others are saying about SFI
The SFI program is the best business model I have ever found! I have been in numerous businesses over the years. Never have I been this excited about building something I know will be amazing! 
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